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Charlie and his grandma
Charlie & his Grandma
charlie beers lawn care spring hill, tn
Charlie at the farm with his dog Hector

Hello and Thank You for Visiting Happy Lawn Care & Pressure Washing.  I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to visit my bio!

Let’s not be strangers. I’m Charlie. I like our customers knowing exactly who is serving their lawn each week. I grew up in Evart Michigan, a quaint small town and close-knit community. In the early part of my life as a young child, I helped my Grandfather on the farm. I remember when a square bale of hay was bigger than me but I always gave my best effort in throwing them on the wagon with more failures than successes.

As you may have guessed, I’m pretty good at mowing grass =). I started pretty much as soon as I could reach the push mower handle bar. It was always my responsibility to keep our yard mowed. I helped my Grandpa mow the farm as much as he’d let me because he had a riding mower! Man, was that night and day different than the push mower I used at home. Much less sweaty. My Grandpa took me under his wing and made sure I had the tools to fix just about anything if I put my mind to it. He taught me the importance of maintaining the mower such as: scraping the decks, sharping blades frequently, changing oils, and keeping our old mowers running tip-top! Little did I know then that these were the building blocks to what would become Happy Lawn Care & Pressure Washing.

When I was 11, my Grandfather bought me a used push mower at a yard sale that didn’t run. Of course, like peanut butter and jelly, Grandfathers and “the hard way” always go together. I learned how to fix it and started my first lawn mowing “business.” I mowed my neighbors’ lawns for $5 (Boy, what a bargain!). Part of the deal, (my Grandfather always had fine print) to learn responsibility, I had to give my Grandfather back $1 dollar for every yard I mowed until the lawn mower was paid off (it was paid off after 15 lawn mows!). Not only did I feel accomplished but it turned out to be great exercise too. This was a PUSH mower, not self-propelled like we have today. Not sure I appreciated the exercise aspect as much then as I do now.

As time went on and the more yards I mowed, I eventually earned enough money from lawn mowing to afford to buy a pressure washer by the age of 12. I ran my “business” until I was 15 years old which was when I finally got my first job with a professional lawn mowing company working throughout the summer making a whopping $3 per hour allowing me to afford to buy my first car… a 1986 Yugo for $400 (which also didn’t run). There’s a pattern here. Being the tinkerer, I am, I got it running good in no time flat. My Grandfather knew what he was doing forcing me to figure out how things work mechanically. It’s a lesson I’m thankful for to this very day.

By the age of 16, I started working a government job through the City of Evart maintaining the Osceola County Fair Grounds at minimum wage for $4.25 per hour. I loved that job so much. I use to take care of roughly 35-acres. Not only mowing grass, but building recreational bridges, mulching, making hiking trails, trimming trees, and cleaning horse stalls for 4H. I was also responsible of taking care of the tractors and mowing equipment.

Part of the reason we are able to keep our mowing costs down compared to our competitors is due to not having to hire mechanics that cost over $65 per hour to maintain all our mowing and pressure washing equipment. I take great pride maintain and fixing our own machines which allows us to be incredibly reliable and reasonably affordable.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist and thoroughly enjoy yard work and washing houses. I especially love that I get to see the progress in the work I do. I take great pride in helping make my neighbor’s lawns and landscapes stand out with beauty.

aeration and over seeding lawn Thompson's Station, TN 37179
Aeration and over seeding — we don’t just mow grass, we grow it!
scag mower mowing grass in thompson's station, tn
love the smell of freshly mowed grass…

I moved to Spring Hill, Tennessee from Murfreesboro in June 2014. I co-own and co-operate Happy Lawn Care & Pressure Washing along with my life partner, Charity, who joined “Happy” in 2017. Charity really pushes our business to be better than it was the day before. She is absolutely over qualified for this line of work and loves every minute of it. She was also raised on a farm right here in Spring Hill so she is no stranger to hard work. You can really see how much she values her town, its growth, and maintenance. We really make a dynamic duo. She’s good at everything I’m not and I’m good at everything she’s not….and we’re both excellent at manicuring a lawn to perfection. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from MTSU in Business Marketing and a Law Degree from Nashville School of Law. Her education really helps streamline our daily business, marketing, taxes, and accounting. She also worked as a carhop at Sonic Drive In for 14 years. Her customer service is top notch. Most of our Google Reviews have her name mentioned specifically. I call it the “Charity Fan Club.” I’m the President. 😊 I know this is my bio but I’m not me without her. Happy Lawn Care & Pressure Washing wouldn’t be what it is today without our ability to access both our strengths and collaborate making our business 360 degrees solid. You should check out her bio too.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call. We’d love the opportunity to serve you. Maintaining your property here in the Spring Hill and Thompson’s Station area is our priority number ONE! Eventually, we will be furthering our service area to the Franklin and Middle-Tennessee areas. If you are looking for someone to meticulously maintain your yard who is dependable, does yard work of extreme quality, and takes great pride in making lawns look beautiful…then please call ME or Charity at (615) 549-7966. Also, feel free to get an ESTIMATE here on our website. We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!


Charlie B.